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The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, the fantastic story about the boy Mowgli, who grows up in the jungle, was filmed and widely implemented acting. Most well known is probably the most successful adaptation of Disney.
At Christmas time, the German Theatre and the State Theatre will present the Gärtnerplatz together a wonderful implementation of the story as a musical for the whole family. Read the rest of this entry »

“Is blood really thicker than water?”

This is the central question of the Dine & Crime-production “Deadly Family Ties” Werner R. Gawlik.

A colorful combination of a calculating woman entrepreneur and millionaire heiress and her husband, do a poor man in midlife crisis, a crazy arms dealers and finally to easily nymphomaniac Korsin bring the audience in the evening going.
Coincidentally meet on a normal evening, two people in a bar and notice, that they were both betrayed by their spouses. The two spouses, however, are not at all unknown to and flirt while unmoved in a tapas bar not far away.
During the evening will Secrets Revealed, Also, the dealer and the Corsican nymphomaniac get her performance. The motley combination of seemingly random people together geratenen entangled more and more in their own mystery and intrigue – a murder seems inevitable. Then the big surprise…

The concept has proven to be the murder mystery dinner. An exclusive multi-course meal served along with a tricky murder case? It sounds, in fact, after a great evening of entertainment. The company Dine & Crime has written the thriller fun at the top of the flag and provides over Germany in an entertaining murder mystery dinner.

Viewers will naturally demand throughout the piece and must properly mitraten. An entertaining great fun, not only for amateur sleuths.

Events in December:
3.12. in Aumeister, 8.12. in Leiberheim, 12.12. in the Kugler Alm, 17.12. in Aumeister, 27.12. in the Kugler Alm, I 19:30


The most successful Kung Fu show on earth, finally in Munich. Here are the masters and their best students from the Chinese province of Henan, the famous Shaolin Kung-Fu present in perfection.
It's a quick round- and forth between meditative stillness and thrilling action scenes. Performs traditional fighting techniques are presented, singly or in groups, Qi Gong meditation, and also the unique weapon of the Shaolin monks. The four-meter whip king shepherds once used to chase wild animals, The crescent blade is a long stick, the end of which resembles a crescent moon.
The Shaolin Kung Fu was not originally designed to fight, but as an aid to meditation and physical exercises for the monks. You should be able to control the perfection of her body and her mind better.
Even the motto of Kung Fu is still: “The highest level of combat, it is, not to fight”.
Tuesday, 13.3.2012, 18 Clock at the Deutsches Theater in Fröttmaning.

For a limited time in Munich, the hit musical “Elizabeth” by Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay.

The musical is the famous story of Empress Elisabeth, also known as Sissi, give. It tells about her life as the daughter of the unorthodox Max of Bavaria, about her engagement to actually unplanned Franz Joseph of Austria and crowned Empress to her with ever more constricting court life and the constant quarrels of their mother.

Since its premiere in Vienna 1992 inspired the dramatic story of 8 Million viewers. Already 2009 was the musical with the actress Anne Mieke van Dam as a guest in Munich.

21.12.2011 bis 15.1.2o12, Deutsches Theater in Fröttmaning, Maps and information

Only the secret recipe for a Bavarian beer in the Middle Ages was the cause of a mysterious murder in the town of Ponte dell'Olio. Today, 500 Years later, invites the spiritual leader of the community again to a church festival, to be served in the beautiful atmosphere in a wonderful menu. However, it is, how come it is: a renewed murder shocked the community. Inspector Brugnaletti gets down to the hard work, solve the case and points out some dark secrets to light. He needs the help of guests, made during the fall to players, But decide for themselves, how active they want to intervene into the action.

Incidentally, of course, the excellent 4-course dinner enjoyed.

Tuesday, 20.12.2011 and Friday 6.12.2012 in Deer Park. Beginning of each 19:30. For more information

Max wants to stop Agathe's hand, but he must attend to the traditional trial shot at Royal Shooting. Because he is not very accurate and makes no profit on the day before. His fellow hunters Kaspar, the former has also stopped at Agathe's hand, was rejected, Max offers his help. He suggests, to cast at midnight in the Wolf's Glen magic bullets, meet the disc really be able to.
No sooner said than done, the magic bullets are cast, what Max does not know: Kaspar is in league with the Devil.
Agathe is planned on the night before the shooting competition of nightmares, because it has the same fear, that Max could miss the target.
To Max big day, he misses his cocky balls, Agathe and then suddenly falls into the firing line…
Eine romantische Oper von Weber Carl Maria, the audience, not least through its able to inspire a happy ending.
Wednesday, 14.12.2011, 19:30 Clock
Sunday, 18.12.2011, 19:00 Clock
Sunday, 25.12.2011, 19:00 Clock
Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz

Who knows the Christmas story “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens about the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge is not?

Ebenezer Scrooge has a heart hard as stone and no compassion for the poor in the city. But one night he is visited by three ghosts – the past, the present and the future. These show him visions, the heart be changed overnight.

Intricately edited as a musical version of this since the first performance 2001 thrilled to now in many cities. With the potential to touch the hearts of all people, Whether large or small, rich or poor- the spell of this history can not escape.

10-18.12.2011, Deutsches Theater Fröttmaning Buy tickets

Music Theatre, which is specifically targeted to the young audience, there is the 9. to 11.12. in the Bavarian State Opera. The play “Sigurd the dragon slayer” is about a boy, growing up in poor circumstances at the blacksmith Regin. Sigurd has long been suspect, that Regin is not his real father is un begins, worrying about its origin. When he hires secret investigation, he learns, that he is a hero in truth, the Son and of the cunning Regin intends to use it, to fight a dragon, of a fabulous hoard of gold guarded. Sigurd succeeds, to escape from clutches of Regin and plunges headlong into adventure.

This contemporary musical theater was built in 2006 composed as a work commissioned by Andy Pape and Bent Nørgaard. The premiere was held at the Royal Danish National Opera. The musical director is Christopher Ward.

Bavarian State Opera, New rehearsal building
Friday, 09.12.2011, 14:00 Clock
Friday, 09.12.2011, 18:00 Clock
Saturday, 10.12.2011, 11:00 Clock
Saturday, 10.12.2011, 15:00 Clock
Sunday, 11.12.2011, 11:00 Clock
Sunday, 11.12.2011, 15:00 Clock

Every two years there is the playing-festival in Munich, It sees itself as an event for the exploration and questioning of contemporary international theater. Current Events, unusual forms of expression and strong personalities, presented to the public everything that makes theater.

An 17 Days to present artists from 17 different countries in more than 100 Events is a unique and diverse program. On the three Sundays will be the theme “social fictions” Scientists and artists discuss social visions, new talent, visitors can “Connect Connect” meet.

The ninth international festival of contemporary theater will be held from 18.11. to 4.12.

All other information is available at:

A couple crooks smuggling on the border between Bavaria and Tyrol. Now a mountain to make both of them off. The husband saw through the plan of the persecutor is already pretty fast and spins in a nasty plot, He wants to use his wife to, to bewitch the hunter in order to escape his clutches. He had not reckoned without his wife, which are simply in love with the handsome huntsman and enforces its own will.

The play was first performed by Karl Schönherr, one of the most successful playwrights of Austria, in 1914. At that time the artist received criticism for the emancipated woman iel image, which he advocated in his play. Martin Kusej has now brought the piece into the modern.

Information on seasons and prices under: Residenz Theater in Munich

1921 premiered in Chicago is the comic opera of the Russians Prokoffjew still a popular item listed.
The prince is suffering from seizures for quite some time by hypochondria, only through a really hearty laughter could be cured. Worried there's a celebration of the king and the clown hired Truffaldino, is to bring through his jokes and antics of the depressive prince laugh again.
The Prince laughs at the festival but, but unfortunately not so, as planned. When the sorceress Fata Morgana an accident happens, He must laugh so, that she cursed him then. He will fall in love with three oranges, and not rest, until he calls them his own. Now the Prince has in common with Truffaldino make their way, further breakdown of the poses.
Photo: Lioba Schoeneck
Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, 2.11 and 24.11, each 19:30.


Photo: Jan Versweyveld
A new staging of the Munich Schauspielhaus deals with the life of a spendthrift, pleasure-loving and eccentric King Ludwig II stigmatized. The performance is based on the artwork “Ludwig II” Luchino Visconti von.
The death of the king's tale has not been cleared up, therefore grown up around his life many rumors.
The King, the never married was behind his back, often referred to as homosexual, appropriate Aufzeichungen in his diary led to, that the suspicion is substantiated. He could not personally be happy, he dedicated his life to art and culture. Many of the numerous beautiful castles in Bavaria, including Neuschwanstein Castle, Herrenchiemsee and Linderhof, were built at his instigation. He also assisted renowned composer and writer, thanks to him were works such as “Tristan and Isolde” by Richard Wagner at all possible.
In his loneliness he often took refuge in one of his castles, have also contributed to the threat of national bankruptcy may, that on 9.6.1886 has been declared incompetent.
It is not clear so far is still, whether the king on 13.6.1886 was killed by a bomb attack, has chosen to commit suicide or.
The inner conflict between desire and reality, Louis is depicted in the play, because he does not live with the reality may, He pulls himself further and further back into his inner world, until it is finally trapped.
Monday, 24.10.211, 19:30, Sunday, 13.11.2011, 19:30

Maximilianstrasse 26-28
80539 Munich

Tickets available at

The Budapest Operetta- Musical theater and interprets the Disney classic, commission which was awarded several Oscars. Elaborate costumes, beautiful music with lyrics in German and a fantastic show, The director here has one in his own words “Notion of miracles” want to create, This is truly succeeded him.

The story tells of the beautiful Belle, the boredom of life in the village, want to see more of the world, and her father in an enchanted castle follows. There they meet the Beast, the prince is actually a, the poor because of its properties has been transformed by a witch. It is a romance develops between the two, But the hunters in the village prepare for the hunt already.

22.10.2011-19.11.2011, Deutsches Theater, Tickets available at

At the beginning of the season 2011/12 be in the Prince Regent Theater, the two productions Giselle in the interpretation of Mat Ek's and the classic Don Quixote, directed by Ray Barra, played.

The first performance of Don Quixote took 1869 held in Moscow. Ray Barra has expanded the original production of something, Special emphasis is laid on the Dulcinea figure.

Giselle, one of the great ballet classics 19. Tury years Hung tells of the peasant girl Giselle, by Duke Albrecht is cheated out of their love. Here's something been modernized, Giselle dances in the second act, not as a ghost, but is transferred to a mental hospital. There, they must fight about, social isolation despite not losing their identity.

Duke Albrecht, meanwhile, has experienced, the potential consequences of his betrayal of Giselle for his personal future.


Don Quixote: 23./24./25./27. September and 2./3. October 2011

Giselle: 29.September and 1. October 2011

Tickets available at

On 28.9.2011 begins the running time for the tragedy of Frederico Garcia Lorca.

The unfortunate bride by her lover, Leonardo, they do not marry because of class differences may, summarily kidnapped. Leonardo himself is married to one of her cousins. The groom can not provide this and followed the fugitives in the woods, when it comes to the duel between the two rivals.

The history tells, that Leonardo's father and brother were killed years ago by the family of the bridegroom present.

However, the duel ends in death for both. The bride is left alone and even longs for death.

Volkstheater, Dates from 28.9.2011. Tickets available at

We are located in 2008 After commissioning of the particle accelerator at CERN. Dr. Faust and his research team has established (again) in search, what the world had now actually together at its core.

Saturday, 1.10.2011 and Wednesday, 5.10.2011, each 19:30 in the Munich National Theatre.

Get a love on the professional boundaries is difficult to maintain. Prince Edwin desperately wants to marry the singer Sylva, but his parents have decided to do something about it. Sylva is upset and seeks solace with bonuses, Edwin's Friend.

Sylva is a successful Varescu chansonniere in Budapest and has a lot of admirers. One of them is the Vienna Chamber of Edwin's son, Prince Lippert-Weylersheim, has decided against the wishes of his parents to, To marry Sylva. The prince and his wife know this, however, prevent and even publish advertisements of Edwin's engagement with his cousin, the Countess Stasi.

Sylva is offended and feels lied to by the ignorant Edwin. With Edwin's friend Boni as a comforter for her tour, she travels to America. At the engagement party of Edwin and Stasi, the former lovers to see the first time again and again to the feelings of flame. But Sylva has arrived as the wife of bonuses and Stasi is jealous.

“The Gypsy Princess” is considered the most successful opera by Hungarian composer Emmerich Kálmán and was 1916 premiered in Vienna. The Salzburg Operetta Theatre returns with a new staging of the play to the German Theatre. Director Lucia Meschwitz has joined Hungarian and Viennese charm fits fire and hit the special humor of the opera beautifully.

The Gypsy Princess at the Deutsches Theater

06.09. 2011 to 10.09.2011 and on 13. and 14.09.2011 each 19:30 Clock, as well as 10.09.2011 a 15:00 Clock

Magic up close – Germany's first close-up theater with Alexander Krist and Christian Münch enchanted with an evening full of surprises. What is special about this unique theater of magic, that the guests sit in the style of an ancient amphitheater at the table, the magician and the incredible shows from a distance of up to 4,5 Meters witness.

“Magic – live & close” brings out the best “The magic show to dream” and “Incomprehensible Guaranteed”. It is a program for the hearts and minds. The viewers experience moments, where they will not believe your eyes, Moments, touch their hearts filled with wonder and two hours. Together with the magicians, it goes on a journey into a fascinating world, in which our well-known laws of physics and logic do not apply – a journey to the limits of reason and beyond.

CHRIST & MÜNCH Table Magic Theater

Thursday 01.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Friday 02.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Saturday 03.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Thursday 08.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Friday 09.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Saturday 10.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Sunday 11.09.2011, 19:00 Clock
Thursday 15.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Friday 16.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Saturday 17.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Sunday 18.09.2011, 19:00 Clock
Thursday 22.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Friday 23.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Saturday 24.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Sunday 25.09.2011, 19:00 Clock
Thursday 29.09.2011, 20:00 Clock
Friday 30.09.2011, 20:00 Clock