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Olympic Park Munich
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D-80809 Munich

as well as, die München so besonders machen!

The Frühlingsfest auf der Theresienwiese ist die kleine Schwester der Wiesn, muss sich aber überhaupt nicht hinter dem riesigen Münchner Highlight verstecken. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer is coming – and before the Oktoberfest is well known, yet another great spectacle Munich. The Great Summer Wood opened on 26. Its doors in June. In winter, the focus of the Great Wood is on vaudeville and theater acts, in summer it can really rip internationally known artists.
This year celebrates the Great Wood, moreover, its 25-year anniversary. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Olympic mountain in a colorful installation with memories is of 25 Years Tollwood transformed, which changes every day. Light, Sound and moving images create an unforgettable impression.

Almost a month to the Olympic Park music at its best, Crafts and great delicacies are presented. Especially the famous Great Wood is natural for his involvement in the societal and ecological area in the. So every year there are discussions on environmental protection. Read the rest of this entry »

On 21.7.2012 the Olympic Park is a spectacular fireworks show. It is celebrated, among other things, the 40-year existence of the large park, since their construction for the Olympic Games 1972 the whole of Munich as a location for recreation and for concerts and events is available.

The game is accompanied with fireworks musical acts of superlatives. This year can be heard as the opening act at the stadium, the Germany-wide famous band Culcha Candela. These make a good mood with their hip-hop and dancehall songs right mood first, before then give the Spider Murphy Gang for the first time in history, a concert at the Olympic stadium is.

Anyone who even otherwise “ask around” would like, place on the floating stage, the brass band “Bürgermeista & the local councils”, the care with peppigem AlpenRock for Bavarian homeland mood. Thereafter, from the rockabilly band “The Baseballs” something other, but nonetheless good, Tones struck. Many of the songs “Baseballs” are known to cover, inviting you to sing along and dance. In the German album charts, the group is on a fabulous 5. Place listed.

The absolute spectacle is of course then the fireworks, in that beautiful night from the rooftops of Munich can be observed. The background music is missing then it unfortunately.

An event, that one should not miss! About 50.000 Visitors and 4 Tons of pyrotechnics speak their own language.

Saturday, 21.7.2012, the Olympic Park. Tickets are available from 14 €.

On 23. November beginnt das Wintertollwood, dieses Jahr unter dem Motto “Aufgetischt”. Auf der Theresienwiese findet neben weihnachtlichem Kunsthandwerksmarkt und vielfältiger Gastronomie ein Kulturprogramm statt, dass sich sehen lassen kann. Über Theater, Comedy, Musik und Akrobatik ist hier alles dabei. On 31.12.2011 steigt zum Abschluss des Tollwood eine Silvesterparty im großen Festzelt mit Mitternachtswalzer unter der Bavaria.

  • Markt der Ideen: der große Markt der Ideen bietet Weihnachtsgeschenke, Kleidung und Kunsthandwerk, besonderes Augenmerk wird hier auf den fairen Handel gelegt.
  • Weltsalon: Im Weltsalon finden Ausstellungen, Filme sowie Kabarett und Musik statt, prominente Gäste aus Politik, Kultur oder Umweltschutz stellen sich in Podiumsdiskussionen den Fragen der heutigen Gesellschaft, mit Schwerpunkt auf ökologische und gesellschaftswissenschaftliche Themen. Der Eintritt ist für die meisten der Veranstaltungen frei. Auch Kinder und Jugendliche werden mit speziellen Angeboten angesprochen.
  • Silvesterparty: Mit 5-Gänge-Menü von Münchner Spitzenköchen, Musik in 5 Areas auf dem Tollwoodgelände und Showeinlagen – so lässt es sich stilvoll ins neue Jahr feiern.
  • Cantina: in der erotisch-frivolen und artistisch meisterhaften Varieté-Darbietung bieten Artisten aus Australien eine einmalige Show. Die Gäste werden während der Vorstellung kulinarisch mit einem 4-Gänge-Menü verwöhnt.
  • Tief-im-Wald-Bar: die kultige Bar bietet auch dieses Jahr wieder ein abwechslungsreiches Livemusikprogramm, bei dem für jede Geschmäcker etwas dabei ist.

On the last day of Oktoberfest shoot the shooters of the Bavarian Association shooters the salute on the steps below the Bavaria-Statue. Here are the winners of the competition shooting honored at the Oktoberfest. Then, when the Bavarian anthem rings out, Protect draw, Brass bands and special guests celebrated the shooters a tent.

Sunday, 3.10.2011, 12:00 Clock, Stairs below the Bavaria-Statue

Sommerfeeling while! With a great worth seeing, worth hearing- experience and evaluate the program celebrates summer festival from Thursday impark11, 28. July, Sunday, 21. August 2011, in the Olympic Park will 30. Edition.

On the agenda: Anything that makes the summer fun and joy. New, attractive interactive services such as Wave- und Wakeboarding, Stalls for strolling and shopping, Rides, Showman, culinary delights and chill at the beach bar. On 4. and 11. August's crashing in the sky above the Olympic Park in the grand fireworks and the 2. and 16. August can enjoy the latest Sommerfestler about the great showmen of the day. And of course it is also the: The live concerts of the summer music Theatron. Play here every day – Admission is free – Bands of different genres, from classical to hip-hop to pop to rock and.

Wakeboarding on the Olympic

Als ganz besondere Attraktion kommt die dritte Etappe der bundesweiten Wakeboard Wettkampf-Serie „Wake Masters“ zum Sommerfestival. Die besten Wakeboarder Deutschlands gleiten dann auf ihren schnittigen Brettern über den Olympiasee. As early as 28. Interested in July can participate by appointment on site at a trial or the Everyman Driving. Hohe und spektakuläre Sprünge sind zudem bei den Night Jumps zu bewundern. Jeweils an den Samstagen, 30. July and 6. August, can be "Local Heros" in qualifying competitions for the following ranking event of the German Water- Wakeboard Association and qualify, den Wake Masters am 13. August 2011. The wakeboarders will be supported by an almost silent, Water-held mobile lift and show spectacular jumps.

Theatron Summer of Music

The range of music Theatron summer ranges from classical to pop singer to, Rock and hip-hop. From artists, Employees or the public - is something for everyone Theatron a very special location amidst the famous tent construction and an integral part of the Summer Festival of the Olympic Park. Many of those, occurring here today, Theatron have spent in their youth, experienced their first concerts. A program that is designed lovingly and artistically interesting, and comes up again and again with future musical stars and beads. Gives a detailed program, visit or

Slackline-Parcours am Olympias

During the summer festival, the Munich sports pirates hit the grass stage the Olympic Park a steady course on Slackline. Young and old alike can breathe in a relaxed atmosphere in the top trend sport has. For all those who have never been on a slackline, regularly offers courses with professional instructors.

Wave front of Olympic Stadium

The Wave is the trendy Funwheelprodukt par. Whether just translucent sliding on the asphalt or cool tricks and action at the skate park - the trend sport on two wheels thrilled young and old. To mark the festival of outdoor 19. to 21. August, the company presents Street Surfing in the truest sense of the word with a real eye-catcher, can also be tested by the summer festival-goers. As part of its "European Rampage Tour 2011," the provider does with his mega-ramp in front of the entrance just north of the Olympic Stadium. The special construction of steel and wood, individuals have the opportunity, you can put on the wave board to demonstrate.

8 Seasons beach bar on the Olympic

In the beach bar at the beautiful beach city of Munich, load directly on the Olympic 800 m sandy beach, Sun loungers and cocktails to chill and sun bathe one.

Gourmet alley with culinary delights

Hier kann man sich den Sommer so richtig schmecken lassen. In der Feinschmeckergasse sind neben dem tollen Ausblick auf den Olympiasee vor allem europäische und asiatische Köstlichkeiten zu genießen.

The classics

Included are also the summer festival scene: Thus, the Bude Street invites you to browse and Shoppenein and of course the performers, with their stalls and fairground rides at the festival represented in the Olympic Park. Important for the younger visitors: On 2. and 16. August, they're the great showmen of the day on the program.

Brilliant Fireworks

On two evenings, you have a crash in the skies over the Olympic Park - the 4. August, but especially on 11. August-here it is the occasion of 30. Summer festival's anniversary is particularly colorful and bright – about to fire the pyro. 22.00 Each clock a grand fireworks display from.

34. Europäische Jonglierconvention – The force of gravity is on vacation

Gravity is on vacation – The force of gravity is on vacation. To coincide with the summer festival celebrating the 34. European Juggling Convention by 6. to 14. August im Olympiapark und auf dem Tollwood-Gelände Premiere – für alle, the jugglers and want to be there. On the traditional parade of participants through the city to King Square, will be inaugurated on which the Convention, in various shows, which take place each evening, in a fire and gala gala shows that the grand finale at the Circus Krone will Amateurs, To see the world's best pros and jugglers be. Other Highlights: Children- and youth circus, Workshops, Games, World record attempts and much more. There are weekly, Mehrtages-, Day- and visitor tickets. More information on

Junk you happy in the Olympic Stadium

On Saturday, 13. August, says: Junk you happy in the Olympic Stadium. At the flea market in the spectacle of the Summer Festival are available for all kitsch, Arts- and antique enthusiasts around 6000 Square meters of retail space is much to discover. Here you will find almost everything: exceptional pieces of furniture, rare vinyl, Art and knick-knacks, Jewelry and fashion. Who even wants to create space in the basement can easily be from buyer to seller. Pitches can be booked at the ticket offices and on race day at the stadium. The admission for visitors aged begins 13 Clock for the price of 3 Euro. For more information visit

Bavaria Dog – the big dog party for the whole family

During the summer festival takes place again this year, the Bavaria Dog, Munich's largest dog festival for the whole family held in the Olympic Park. Large and small dog lovers will find an extensive program, which leaves no wishes unfulfilled: Bavaria Dog presents lots of information around the man's best friend and exciting show elements. Actions to participate also guarantee plenty of fun just for kids - of course all for free!

There's only one program at this: To celebrate the Olympic Park and the summer!