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On 15.12.2011 Melanie C has, her sign former Spice Girl and successful solo artist, an appearance backstage as part of their tour in Germany.
Some time nothing was heard of them, Now, fans are looking all over the world about their successful comeback. The new album “The Sea” is in the German album charts among the top 20 and is certainly the one time or another have heard on the radio.
Backstage work

Seit Guano Apes mit ihrem neuen Album Bel Air zurück sind, scheint es, als wären sie nie weggewesen. Die Band aus Göttingen rockt wieder ordentlich die Konzertbühnen Deutschlands und der Welt.

On 21.10.2011 sind sie in München und präsentieren dort den feinsten Punkrock aus ihrem frischen Album.

Where? Backstage work, 80639 Munich, Friday 21.10.2011, 20:00, Tickets bei allen bekannten VVK-Stellen

BTBAM are indeed heavy as anything else, But the stylistic influences range from Pantera to Pink Floyd and the cornerstones are only very rough. Prog-Metal with 90's crossover approach, original, virtuosic and demanding in the best sense – Sunday 04.09.2011, 20:00 Clock.