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The winter has actually arrived and again in Munich, fits to the Eiszauber opened Stachus on 23. November, damit man sich bei schönem Wetter auf dem Eis vergnügen kann.

To 12. Times already, you can whiz right in the center of Munich on skates to disco beats through the area, the largest mobile ice arena Bavaria bears her name in vain. Along with the Christmas market on the Marienplatz is therefore the perfect place, to spend a nice afternoon.

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The Krampus is traditionally held in Munich every year at the Christmas market, Here the cruel Krampus figures spread fear and terror, if they scare you with their creepy masks and costumes fellbehangenen unsuspecting passers.

On 11. and 18.12 The run takes place, the members of the Munich group Krampus “Sparifankerl Pass” are this year for 10. Invited views as Krampus go and have another anniversary Krampus clubs from Bavaria. That is why this year are also equal 60 fearsome figures around the Marienplatz go, not only 12, how else always. To bring the people closer the Krampus story explains the group leader of the “Sparifankerl Pass”, Tom Bierbaumer, a 14:30 everything worth knowing about the shaggy monsters.

11.12.2012 and 18.12.2012, Run for 15:00 at the Marienplatz

The world's largest burnt punch, of course in Munich, from 9.12.2012 to 6.1.2012 everyone can get so much from the Christmas punch, as he wants, not only “a wenzigen Schlock!”, Heinz Rühmann same as in classic.

The giant boilers Bowl measures 2,5 Meters in diameter and 3,4 Meters in height. 9.000 Liters of the popular punch fit in., This will of course be drunk.

Right on Isartor is the kettle over an open fire, the result is a cozy atmosphere, when darkness falls, You can stand here and look wonderful together also heard the famous film.

The Haidhausener Christmas market on Weißenburger course is considered a secret, Here, set the active citizens of the district to maintain and further develop its market, and it shows also.

In addition to all the usual activities around Christmas there are special treasures, such as hand-carved African figures, fine silk scarves or soap made from sheep milk. The specially brewed for the Christmas market mulled wine Haidhausener “Christmator” tastes great in itself, or together with star Thalern, Gingerbread or stir-fries or potato specialties.
Almost every evening waiting for a band with live music on, also children's entertainment is on offer.

Cribs lovers can admire the beautiful Christmas crib in Ultimo Credits wooden hut, also Holzschnitzspezialitäten from the South Tyrolean Ultimo are offered for sale.

All information about the program and opening times

The official Munich Christmas Market takes place every year from 25.11. to 24.12. instead of. Visitors from near and far just need to follow the lighted star decoration in the streets and how they find their way by themselves.

One innovation 2011 is the extended area, as a result of construction work some aftermarket parts were installed in Neuhauser Straße and on the cattle market. There is also this year an exploration game for the whole family. An 20 different stalls of the Christmas market have individual puzzle pieces are collected, contain interesting and exciting information about the market in general and Christmas. In the sky workshop kids can tinker every afternoon, while parents with peace of mind a stroll round the market.

A daily-changing music program makes the perfect Christmas mood, who themselves feel like singing, can join the Bavarian, singing lessons in the Town Hall Foyer. It is scary, when the dark Krampus figures show up and put visitors in fear.

Opening times:

Mo-Sa: 10-20:30, So: 10-19:30, 24.12: 9-14:00

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At the Christmas market at Sendlinger Tor goods offered from around the world. Amber jewelry, Crystal Goods, Nativity scenes from Tyrol and Peru, handmade ceramic, Traditionsware aus Russland, Christmas balls with Sissi designs Emperor friends, Wood art and much more.

Hot cocoa with whipped cream, Mulled wine or a hearty fresh grilled bratwurst – also the culinary delights to be proud of.

For the kids there is a puppet theater in the event program, the blind musician Munich Schwabing and the trumpeters have also appearances.
The program of the Christmas Market at Sendlinger Tor and more information on the official site:
24. November bis 23. December 2011
day of 10:30-21:00 Clock
Place: Sendlinger-Tor-Platz

On Red Square every year takes place from 25.11 to zm 23.12 the cozy Christmas market is held Neuhauser. Especially, find lovers of crafts, a wide variety of offerings.

Beautifully crafted dolls, hand blown glass art, the traditional wooden pyramids, handmade Christmas ornaments and much more. Anyone still looking for something more unusual Christmas gifts, will certainly find it here. Wait for body and soul Gingerbread, Mulled wine and roasted almonds.

The colorful supporting program of the market and further information can be found at: Christmas market Neuhausen

From 24.11 to 23.12 you can travel back in time to the Middle Ages and in the Wittelsbach court at the hustle and bustle of the minstrels, Traders and entertainers to participate. Already in the writings of 1410 the Munich Nikolausdult mentioned, with huts made from antique wood hand-dressed, the performance of medieval practice of arts such as forging, Pottery or glassblowing this market comes very close to the ideal.

Here stroll noblewomen, Knights and squires around seasonally equip with gifts, also the common people is to be found. The market people sell food and drinks like spiced wine primitive, Feuerzangenbowle or “Thors Hammer”, the suckling pig is rotated, Children are the dwarves- Alberich or drink.

Wait on the weekends musicians and artists for the Adventsspektakel on, every Sunday rides Lady Ettard on horseback on the market, the weekend evenings conclude with a fireworks show.

For more information: Adventsspektakel

The gay and lesbian Christmas market in Glockenbachviertel is popular not only on the gay audience, but is an exceptional event for visitors from all over Munich and the surrounding area. The culinary offer is large, next to artisanal and “Christmas” Gifts can also get hold of here one way or another oddity. The range of products specifically for lesbians and gays can also be seen.

Who has arrived at the pink fir trees and white pagoda tents, begrudge a prosecco and enjoy the atmosphere!

27.11-23.12, Market daily from 12:00 Clock open, from 19:00 Showtime with cabaret and music.
For more information, visit

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