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BMW Welt
At Olympic Park 1
D-80809 Munich

The BMW Welt Jazz Award goes to the next round!

An 6 Sundays will be held preliminary, a jury then determines from 2 Bands, the most in the finals 20.4.2013 against each other to participate in the competition for the coveted award.
This year is the motto “Leading Drums”, all participating bands have is a excellent drummer, of the titles gives the right drive. Read the rest of this entry »

The BMW Welt Jazz Award 20120, under the slogan “Jazz in the City” runs, is already in full swing. Renowned jazz ensembles from the global cities Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Tokyo, New York and Oslo occur here. On 26. February and 4. March will present two of the nominated entertainers perform.

In total 6 Sunday matinees at various international artists and ensembles show their musical skills of a professional jury, and audience. Two of 6 Ensembles are given the opportunity, participate in the final concert, then there is also the winner crowned, which will receive a prize of € 10,000. Even the runner does not go out empty, Here are awarded € 5,000. The jury is composed of professionals, chaired by Oliver Hochkeppel, the music- and arts journalists in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Even the audience can actively participate in the review, after each performance, the ensemble evaluated by the audience. The group with the most votes wins the audience award, and is given the chance an exclusive appearance before a selected audience at Schloss Elmau to be completed.

Among the cast ballots to be still attractive prizes raffled off to the audience.

26. February 2012: Hoppy Kamiyama - Tokio

Jazz in Tokyo oscillates between the traditional and very futuristic elements. The keyboardist and producer Hoppy Kamiyama is more on the side facing forward and represents a very abstract and stylistically interesting music, which is influenced by artists such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Mauricio Kagel. Long Kamiyama working together with international stars in the field of futuristic jazz, here in Munich he will perform all alone. You may be eager, what he brings from Japan.

04. March 2012: Dan Tepfer Trio – New York

New York, or”the big apple” course, is the Mecca of all jazz fans and musicians. Here is the music of the future made. Dan Tepfer comes Although born in Paris, but is still in New York, a jazz great. He is also an astrophysicist, as he brought classical piano to perfection. Of the Jazz Times, he was in 2010 voted the best young artists. Because with his 29 Years, he has already made it, difficult to convince the pavement of New York to the critics of themselves. His first appearance in Germany, he will attend here in Munich as part of the Jazz Awards.

The next selection matinees 11:00 bis ca.13:30 Clock in the double cone:

26. February 2012 Hoppy Kamiyama - Tokio

04. March 2012 Dan Tepfer Trio – New York

18. March 2012 Mathias Eick Quintet – Oslo

25. March 2012 Wolfgang Muthspiel Drumfree – Wien

Admission is free, is a guaranteed seat is not. Doors open at 10:30 Clock.


05. Never 2012 Finale im Auditorium der BMW Welt um 19:00 Clock

Tickets for the finals on 05. Never 2012 there are in the BMW Welt in Munich and ticket.

Again a party at the legendary Double Cone of BMW Welt, which was also slow time. When Big Panda are moderately talented DJ and cheerleaders from the north at the start. BABYBJÖRN CONCRETE, also known as ship masters, is frontman and rapper at Fettes Brot, previous experience as a presenter at VIVA and voice actors from the three ???. As a DJ, he puts in a class mainly a mix of electric, Poptronics and Indie on. DJ PAULY EXEL also is a member of fat bread and was the first Big Panda Party 2009 in the Congress Hall with dabi. He is with the party music hip hop, Radio and known party charts accompany. The hip-hop DJ Mixwell remains completely in his field and is also a master of arts. The inventors and creators of the successful throughout Germany Panda parties FREEZ! is also with the DJ booth on the way, So bring a personal touch to the party. The DJ's will take turns on the mixer, it remains mixed and for everyone.

With so many prominent DJ's is the Panda Party is a must, moreover, in the exclusive location of the BMW World.

Saturday 18.02.2012, Beginning: 22 Clock
Big Panda
DJ’s: Bjørn Concrete (Fettes Brot/ The Botaniks), Exel Pauly (Fettes Brot), Mixwell (Samy Deluxe) & Freez (PandaParty)
BMW World (Doppelkegel), At Olympic Park 1, 80809 Munich
Admission: 10.-

Celebrates together with his colleagues beginner DENYO
Marshall RAVEstar aka DJ Jan Delay am 22. October 2011 a mega-hard in the double cone.

After the provisional end of his solo project is Jan Delay on the way back to his roots, the Beginnern, has brought with it the first good rap in the German charts. To get a bit repetitive in the sense of group preparen and to find the right groove, Jan Delay occurs with his colleagues beginner DENYO on 22. October 2011 as a DJ team at the exclusive gig at the Double Cone of BMW Welt on. When Marshall rave star he is happy the Munich audience with an electric set, while DENYO will be known hip-hop / mashup / Mixed Set for Best.

Under the motto of torque @ BMW Welt "short films. Long celebration. "Offer visitors a varied program of award-winning short films.

Torque # 6 @ BMW Welt. Clubbing with short film.

When: 21:00 Film Clock

22:00 Clock Festival

Where: BMW Welt

At Olympic Park 1

80809 Munich

Admission: Film + Fixed + Concert 12 Euro

Concert + Fixed 10 Euro. Cards may be reserved.

On 16. and 17. July starts at the Olympic stadium, a show-class event. Uniquely motorsport action on the 1,192 km-long stadium course, , fans can now look forward to a very special musical highlight: Mando Diao are rocking with their show on Saturday the Olympic Stadium.

The rock band from Borlänge in Sweden took place with such hits as "Dance with Somebody" and "Gloria" to the top of European charts. These songs are from her most successful album "Give Me Fire", which even reached platinum status. Thus, the five Swedes, their career in the late nineties, started in a garage, definitely one of the top international bands establish.

All visitors to the DTM event in Munich on Saturday evening, come enjoy an unforgettable concert of Mando Diao with racetrack atmosphere.

Those who do not want to miss this event, should still ensure fast Tickets available in advance. Because the race for the ticket 16. July is also the ticket for Mando Diao. And for owners of paddock tickets, there is an advantage, because 3.000 of them are even allowed into the interior of the racetrack, where the stage is.

Tickets at Munich Ticket: from Family Lounge

Tickets start in five different categories 29 Euros in advance. In addition, the one paddock for 20 Euro (in the pre-sale) visit. Das Ticket fürs gesamte Wochenende gibt es ab 75 Euro. Anyone who wants to experience the DTM as a VIP, pays 345 Euro. The family ticket (only in the pre-sale) costs 119 Euro, here where the paddock is included.

Munich. On 6. The International Olympic Committee decides in July in South Africa, who awarded the contract for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2018 will get. During the live broadcast of the decision in the BMW world celebrities have also confirmed their attendance. Among others, the actor Uwe Ochsenknecht and Axel Milberg as well as her acting colleagues Marie Bäumer, Martina Gedeck, Christine Neubauer, Gerit Kling, Lara Joy Körner and model Franziska Knuppe together with the Munich eagerly await the outcome. In interviews with presenter Britta Hofmann they will shorten the visitors in the BMW Welt time to Olympia and decision together about the opportunities and possibilities of Munich 2018 discuss.

Olympic celebration in the BMW world at a glance

When: 06. July 2011

Was: From 13:00 Clock: Public Viewing mit Moderation, Live links to Durban, Interviews with celebrity guests and much more

From 14:00 Clock: Games for Kids, Cameo Arctic Circle 18

17:00 Clock: Official announcement of the decision

From 18:00 Clock: After-show party and concert Arctic Circle 18

Where: In the BMW Welt, At Olympic Park 1, 80809 Munich

With hits like "I Will Love You Monday" it captured the fans in this country: On 28. May is the Danish singer-songwriter Aura Dione with a concert at the BMW Welt will officially launch the "Long Night of Music" in Munich. With her band and the characteristic mix of pop for them, Indie and folk, the 26-year-old on the public to the 400 Livekonzerte, Dance performances and cabaret performances in Munich agree. In addition to its well-known songs like "Song for Sophie" and "Something from Nothing" can look forward to one or the other new song off their new album in September, appearing.

"With Aura Dione we have an extraordinary artist in the world comes to BMW. We are very, to open this special opening night concert a Munich art of music ", said Thomas Muderlak, Head of BMW Welt.

The concert will be held on 28. Never 2011 a 19:30 Clock in the auditorium of the BMW world and will also take place also broadcast live on video screens in the Plaza. As early as 19:00 Clock provided by a DJ for mood.


Tickets for the Long Night of Music for 15,00 € at the box office 18.00 Clock in the BMW world, or at all box offices in Munich available. The first concert is included. There is no seat guarantee. At the box office of the BMW World visitors on presentation of their ticket for the "Long Night of Music" MVV free tickets for a ride to downtown.

Classical, Ragtime, Blues and Swing in the concert series in a double cone of the BMW Welt. 60 Classical concerts performed by Stefan Laux in cooperation with Steinway & Sons at the time of 30. March to 30. September 2011, every Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays 15:30 Clock in the BMW Welt (Doppelkegel). Admission is free.

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