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Arnulfstraße 17
80335 Munich

On Saturday, October 22 in the Neuraum: Must for all new Studis, but also for old hands in the university-business! We celebrate together the beginning of a new semester and welcome all Zuagroasten with a wrong party: the semester opening party in Neuraum. With student card you only pay half the entry, and general agreement there's that six-pack of beer, whether Augustinian or Becks, for sensational 9,50 €. Who does not, will be reported to the Dean!

Club: Partytunes & Charts

Gallery: Black & R’N’B

Lounge: House & Techno Essentials

Keksdose: Schlager NDW

Finally, it's that time again: "MEDICINE FOR ALL". Munich's largest physician Party. Is celebrated on prescription! It is 3 three DJs and dance floors, three-. So what music it is standard for all. Each beer 2,00 Euro, Long drinks for all 5,00 Euro, Shots for 1,50 Euro. Cards can be used for 3,00 EUR in presale (Kopierdienst Ibing, Goethestr. 41 + Student Council office Dentistry, Goethestr. 70) and at the box office 5,00 Euros are bought. Who is not there missed out for sure what!

20. October 2011, neuraum, Beginning: 22.00 Clock

The semester- Opening of Industrial Engineers will start this year at the club fully through Neuraum. All's for long drinks 6,00 Euro, € 2.50 for beer and the bottle of vodka (0.5 l 4 Smirnoff Red Bull) for € 33.00 2,50 Euro and the bottle of vodka (0,5l Smirnoff + 4 Red Bull) for 33,00 Euro

Tickets are on presale for the student body for the industrial engineers 4,00 Euro and at the box office for 6,00 Euro.

13. October 2011, neuraum

For Oktoberfest- Closing is this all again real thing!

The entrance you can now pay with beer vouchers


Gallery: Partysound

Keksdose: Wies'n Music

03. October 2011, Beginning: 22.30 Clock – Admission: So - to 5 € , Fr + Sa 7 €

In October, welcomed the Neuraum a very special guest:

DJ Schmolli rocks for more than 10 Years the scene as a remixer, Bootlegger and producer and one of the most popular mashup artists worldwide. Legendäre Gigs in San Francisco, THE, New York, Paris or Moscow, only a few stations, DJ Schmolli the stamp in his passport already allowed.

His mash-up sets are genre-crossing and switches between electronics, Hip Hop, India, Pop and more - with the motto: Danceable, it must be! Many of his tracks have been on BBC radio 1 and Austria's biggest radio station Ö3 played. Even print media as the "Toronto Star" and the "Washington Post" did not take it to report on DJ Schmolli. As a favorite of thousands Hype Machine, Soundcloud- and YouTube users now recorded DJ Schmolli million video plays and downloads of his countless mashups.

01. October 2011, Beginning: 22.30 Clock – Admission: So - to 5 € , Fr + Sa 7 €

No more long and it has finally come: Mingas beautiful season begins! Buam and Madln beware: The Neuraum makes the tattoo and put an end to celebrate every day of the Oktoberfest THE official Energy After Oktoberfest Party. And the best: Once you are there and fall over! Out of the beer tent, Frischluftwatsch'n collect and then clean again with dirndl dress and perfect in the night! With party sound into the gallery and in the cookie jar we Mukke Oktoberfest celebration from Sunday to Thursday, until you can no longer. On the weekend you give in all areas as usual gas. And who still needs a strengthening, which gets in our grill just have a tasty burger. Also: We are open from Monday to Sunday there for you: 17 Take Wies'n - 17 Take neuraum!

Table reservations and business packages under: 089 – 381538999 or Minimum revenue per person when booking 20 €.

So-Do: Gallery of Sound and party cookie jar with Oktoberfest Mukke

Fri-Sat: + So, 2.10.: Club Party Sound, Gallery of Black and R'n'B, Salon with House and Electro, Cookie jar with pop and NDW

Beginning: 22.30 Clock – Admission: So - to € 5 = , Fr + Sa + So 02.10. = 7 €

After the crazy and totally worn, eeeend’s geilen We LOVE 90’s Party im Juni, We repeat the descent into the last decade on 14.08. – megamäßiges (Intercession) Himmelfahrtskommando preprogrammed! David Hasselhoff vs. Lucylectric, Westbam vs.. Marusha or MC Hammer vs.. Salt'n'Pepa ... That's then there's the spoon in Neuraum - in all areas! In the spirit of the 90 pack our DJ's here on the turntables Mucke, We have long been forgotten. But we're honest! Eigentlich waren die 90er der Wahnsinn und die allseits verbreiteten One-Hit-Wonder ja sowieso. When We LOVE 90's Party at Neuraum everything is permitted - the main thing it once was on a BRAVO Hits! The club looks after the team aka DJ HYPER DJ and DJ Hans Meiser is a mistaken departure for all Barbie Girls and Men in Black, The gallery will rock oldschool - and turns for all hip-hop lover that night in Gangstas Paradise. Electro and Techno Rave Salon in the old school is geballert out of the speakers - and the two boys, have taken the 90 full broadside: DJ Omega and DJ Romeo! And then there is the cookie jar with fine pop Austria: more sog ma ned! And if hers can not be, then get into the baggy and the power glove! We have Arrived - And celebrate "sweat band, and Lava reloaded"!

neuraum (Club, Electrosalon, Gallery and cookie jar)

Inlet: 22.30 Clock – Admission: 7,00 Euro

Friday night - one or the other way ...'s asleep - the cosmos in isar neuraum wakes. Do you feel it? The beat is pulsating in your veins, dein Körper vibriert, rules the party mood and has you already in the bag! isar cosmos in neuraum - This is YOUR Friday night must-.

In the club's every Friday and unusual wild party sounds with the Munich Top DJ's. More regularly than our guest on the turntables: DJ Real, Alex and Stephen Sasse Amount. In the electro salon's House is on the ear as the ex-pros mix well with Apartment11, how the international scene! We get all! And for those of you under, are longer than Bootieshaken HandsUp, we have for you in the gallery, the guys on the turntables, for years the finest R'n'B in Munich spray. And who is to hit or NDW, is in the cookie jar absolutely the right place - can begin as the weekend.

Friends of the night - the neuraum waiting for you!

Every Friday, from 22:30 Clock, Each entry 7 Euro

We, the legendary Full Moon parties take the first time to Munich! Genieße thailändische Spezialitäten vom Thaicurry bis zum Chang Beer – hier wird alles aufgefahren, what landestypisch ist.Chill in the cozy outdoor area like a beach on Koh Samui with Bob Marley sounds and delicious drinks from buckets at the Open Air Bar. Island flair in the middle of the City, Rastafarihütte with reggae tunes and cold Thai beer. Discover the Full Moon Club Area: Party on Koh Phangan like! Area massage to relax for free, professional Tribal Fire- and LED light show in the club and Electrosalon. As a special treat, we miss you the ultimate full moon party look with neon body paint and neon accessories.

22. June 2011
Doors open at 22:30 Clock, Tickets are available for 7 Euro

The party sounds of the '90s is back on the platter. The HYPER HYPER DJ team and Hans Meiser neuraumclub bring in the best decade of all time back in your ears. In the meanwhile Electrosalon hammering techno old-school and out of the speakers is also in the gallery "oldschool" celebrated. Excitement reigns meanwhile in the cookie jar, where the AustriaPop experienced a rebirth due. And all under the motto "wristband and Lava reloaded!“

01. June 2011
Doors open at 22:30 Clock, Admission 7 Euro

THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN. After the legendary concert in November 2010 LASER POWER neuraum in 3D coming back to town, their message to "all full of laser" to spread. Then party on all areas!

Location: neuraum
Inlet: 22.30h - Admission AK: 10,00 EUR - Limited Presale: 7,00 From EUR 12.05.2011