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On 28.9.2011 begins the running time for the tragedy of Frederico Garcia Lorca.

The unfortunate bride by her lover, Leonardo, they do not marry because of class differences may, summarily kidnapped. Leonardo himself is married to one of her cousins. The groom can not provide this and followed the fugitives in the woods, when it comes to the duel between the two rivals.

The history tells, that Leonardo's father and brother were killed years ago by the family of the bridegroom present.

However, the duel ends in death for both. The bride is left alone and even longs for death.

Volkstheater, Dates from 28.9.2011. Tickets available at

25.9.2011 People's Theatre in Munich

Philipp Lahm himself reads from his controversial autobiography, 'The subtle difference ". Interesting facts from the life and career of the footballer 1983 Born in Munich, and the hard life as elite athletes are on the program.

The comedian Christian Suess, known from "across" from the BR, moderated the event.

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We are located in 2008 After commissioning of the particle accelerator at CERN. Dr. Faust and his research team has established (again) in search, what the world had now actually together at its core.

Saturday, 1.10.2011 and Wednesday, 5.10.2011, each 19:30 in the Munich National Theatre.