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Roger Cicero persuaded his new album “At this moment,”. The songs reflect his original jazzy-funky style, but are nevertheless an evolution for the last album. With well thought out and truthful lyrics and catchy music creates Cicero, that his fans really listen to him and abuse his songs not only as background music. Already the sales of his older albums speak volumes, Roger Cicero is an essential part of the German music scene.

He easily fills large halls and Germany as a real musician celebrated. He is always proud, that he did not “quick fame” gained, but fought his way up through hard work and good music in the tough music business. This success, we treat it by heart and look forward to his tour stop in Munich.

Tuesday, 27.3.2012, Beginning 20:00, at the Philharmonic in Gasteig.

Rondo Veneziano made the classics accessible to all – slightly jazzy and upbeat interpretation. Since their inception 30 Years, the musicians have produced several albums in high chart positions. Many imitators used the new music movement to attach themselves. Nevertheless Rondo Veneziano remain unique, they prove it when performing live at the Munich Philharmonic. With baroque costumes in January is the Venetian carnival catchment hold and bring a piece of Italian lifestyle.

Wednesday, 25.1.2012, Philharmonie im Gasteig, 19:30

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Valery Gergiev dirigiert Schostakowitsch-Zyklus

The City of Music in Munich, expects an extraordinary cultural event: In season 2011/2012 be the first time all 15 Symphonies of Dmitri Shostakovich in an overall cycle shown in Munich. The cycle will be conducted by Valery Gergiev, one of the leading conductors of our time and Shostakovich Expert.

"Gergiev's Shostakovich" made a part of the conductor with the Munich Philharmonic, the other part with the orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre from St. Petersburg, he has 1988 leads as Artistic Director. "Dmitri Shostakovich is the last great symphonist of the 20. Century and one of the largest and most exciting artists of, Russia has produced. In the concert halls of Europe Shostakovich does not always find the meaning, he deserves. It speaks for the music metropolis of Munich, tackle this ambitious and unique project ", says Gergiev.

The idea for the Shostakovich cycle goes back to the initiative of Valery Gergiev and Paul Müller, Director of the Munich Philharmonic.

The program on 2. November:

Symphony nr. 1 f-moll op. 10
The 1. Symphonie schrieb Schostakowitsch 1924/1925 with 19 Years to complete his studies at the Leningrad Conservatory. Enthusiastically received by audiences and critics, established the fame of the composer's early work.

Symphony nr. 4 c-moll op. 43
With the 4. Symphonie von 1933/1934 verabschiedete Schostakowitsch sich von der optimistischen Zukunftsgläubigkeit der vorangegangenen Werke. As state power 1936 his music to the "index" put, he withdrew the score.

Line: Valery Gergiev