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The master of style, replaced with their provocative stage show, the therapy session on the couch. This cabaret partnership sees with different eyes and laughs about problems. It can be seen: Everyone is stunned by the opposite sex.

Men are not like women. The disappointment can be a wonderful start for the destruction of any partnership. However, marriages and partnerships are mostly piecemeal and more or less unconsciously broken. Therefore, there is a need for targeted instruction, because it is easily, the relationship partner to scare relish, if you only know the right tools. Only when one is the production going on Monday, with which one spends days and nights, you have the chance, to find their dream prince or princess dreams.

And if you want to be / the dream partner / not to go? Then you know after the show, what you should better refrain in the future. Ms Dr. Höfner relationship helps cabaret, to see the partnership with different eyes, to laugh again about the problems of partnership and relax.

Dr. E. Noni Höfner is known for her books, Seminars and television appearances. She makes more than 30 Years of couples therapy and is one of the most prominent representatives of the provocative style.

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The chain saw as an effective conflict resolution tool, love tropical fruits or digital terrorists in public service, These are just some issues on which Tobias Mann in his new program comes to speak. Laughter guaranteed!

Tobias's humor therapy bears fruit in its new program “Back by the wind and again”. In his cabaret program moves the secret weapon of the WDR humor often on thin ice threatens and sometimes even in the depths of comedy to break the world. His razor-sharp mind, however, saved him from worse, not least against, to end as a comedy funeral. Crazy, Out of Control and hyperactive, Tobias Mann attributes the well should be one's own. Because of the hurricane sweeps across the stage and pours a point about the fireworks spectators, that this must be gasping for air. His word play is unique and rapidly, so also in the audience separates the wheat from the chaff. While some people are still laughing about the last point, enjoying another just around the. It is: Attention and the laughter.

Tobias man always tries to pass himself. His mind games and flashes of smashes it at the audience, either via the microphone, Guitar or piano. He tries to find answers to questions, burn him at the very soul of: Mental illnesses are real illnesses, or perhaps just a little subtle form of evolution? The Bundestag is just a huge group therapy with little chance of success? Hamsters and squirrels endanger the existence of mankind? Thanks to the church and there is not only the dimensions “true” and “untrue” but also “Catholic”? Male(n) So lets re-open no wishes.

Receives praise for his stage performances from all sides of the man from Mainz. The Süddeutsche Zeitung called him about a “one of the freshest, entertaining and talented newcomers to the scene”. Elsewhere he is called “Comedic one-man power plant” praised and after assessments of the Westfälische Nachrichten, he is the “brilliant personification of rock-hard critic of society, Avenger of politics and brilliant comedian”. In addition to the praise of the press and its performance is rewarded but also quite festive. For example, the German Cabaret Award, them Hamburger Comedy Cup suppose them Prix Pantheon.

Place: Münchner Lach- and Shooting Society

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