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Eine Abendveranstaltung ganz im Zeichen des Designs: Ausstellungen und besondere Darbietungen, die neben dem Automobildesign auch Mode, Licht und Musik breiten Raum geben. Im Mittelpunkt stehen prämierte Designobjekte des iF design awards sowie die neue Wechselausstellung „The Line of Beauty – Die großen BMW Coupés und Cabrios (of 1937 to 2011)“. Darüber hinaus präsentiert iF in Kooperation mit dem BMW Museum die 100 mit GOLD ausgezeichneten Beiträge der diesjährigen iF design awards im Rahmen einer Sonderausstellung.

• Was: Wechselausstellung zur BMW 6er Reihe
• Wann: Bis Ende 2012
• Wo: BMW Museum
• Eintritt: 9 Euro / 6 Euro (5 Euro, 2,50 Euro nur
Wechselausstellung, Preise ab 1. January 2012)

Family Sunday at the BMW Welt and BMW Museum

From now loads the BMW World and BMW Museum every Sunday for family day, be offered at the various tours through the world of German car maker. At the workshop "Discovering mobility" in the BMW-world parents and children going on a journey of discovery and devote themselves to the solution of some exciting experiments. For the kids there is a special offer on selected Sundays: The Children's Traffic School playfully explains the road and the right behavior.

At the BMW Museum, there are constantly changing themes in the various Sundays, according to the theme are always exciting and entertaining tours and workshops offered.

Special program of more 10-18 Clock, Free admission to the BMW Museum, in the BMW world different prices for the various workshops.

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Munich. At the Munich premiere of the German Touring Car Masters (DTM) at the 16. and 17. July at the Olympic Stadium, the BMW world a very special highlight: Here is the BMW M3 DTM concept car made its debut before an audience. The concept car allows a foretaste of next year's DTM car from BMW. On the racing fever turned the world of BMW 11. to 18. July in a racetrack. A remanufactured trail tells the story of BMW Motorsport in touring car racing. With features like the characteristic grid(Line Up)-Marks on the floor of the entrance area and the legendary touring cars of the story, zB. BMW 635 CSi, This design by Andy Warhol BMW M1 Art Car, the BMW M3 GTR and the BMW M3 GT2, Here all motor sports enthusiasts will get their money. Thomas Muderlak, Head of BMW Welt: "We are pleased, the DTM in the adjacent Olympic stadium to have. That we can introduce the BMW M3 DTM in this context, is a special highlight for the BMW world. "BMW M3 simulator and MINI after-race party addition to various sweepstakes motorsport fans can experience in a BMW M3 Simulator when the adrenalin racing on their own bodies and virtually go to the track. On 16. July 2011 also found from 20:30 The clock after-race party in the auditorium of the BMW MINI world instead. Relaxed leaning back in the foyer of the auditorium is also possible, where invited to MINI Challenge cars issue between a chill out area with music and cool drinks to relax. Admission is free. BMW Art Car Collection BMW Museum in even more fascinating BMW racing cars from the past few decades, expect the visitors to the BMW Museum. Until 25. September 2011 a guest there, the BMW Art Car Collection, the numerous exhibits on display, already begun during the 24-hour race at Le Mans.