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The taxi garden as a starting point for excursions

The taxi Garden in Neuhaus is very good output from- or end point for excursions. At the Nymphenburg Palace you can walk relax and admire the beautiful park. Also a nice adventure playground is
in the immediate vicinity of the beer garden. In the beer garden can make you start the trip or be the end. The beer garden has its own parking spaces a route by car is also very possible. Summer is always one but rather with the bike and also this can be easily turned off. Those who prefer to by public transport, can also use the subway ride to the beer garden.

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Perhaps the most special beer garden in Munich, Located directly on the Viktualienmarkt meet here people of all nations to share a delicious drink to measure.

This can be particularly well just eat the specialties at the Viktualienmarkt purchased a while and watch the hustle and bustle.

Definitely worth a visit.

Viktualienmarkt 9, 80331 Munich. Opening times per day 9-22 Clock, in any weather

The tourist attraction is the Chinese Tower in Munich at the Giselastraße. Here is a beautiful restaurant and the second largest beer garden in Munich, where you can sit in sunshine and in rain weather, then one moves that is just under the roof of the tower.

Brass bands often play here on, which is great for locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant, and on the sun terrace with service, fine food and beverages served, A glance at the menu reveals exclusive but also surprisingly cheap meals.

The restaurant always find exhibitions held in Munich artist and special event series.

A highlight at the Chinese Tower, he is Kocherlball, the morning at 6 Clock begins in Munich and has a very special tradition. It used to be celebrated the kitchen staff and servants, here today is also the more subtle social dancing to be found.

Winter is here a small, but nice Christmas market visit.

English Garden 3, 80538 Munich daily opening times 10-23 Clock

Situated on the shores of Lake Kleinhesseloher in the English Garden is the romantic lake house. In the morning you can have delicious breakfast while watching the swans and, Getting around noon and evening in the beer garden. No matter, whether you are on the terrace of the lake house service, in the beautiful pavilion and beer garden sits, Here is a rejuvenating guarantees.

The lake house is fine dining à la carte, in the beer garden there is a little looser too. Here you can Haxn, Chicken or spare ribs fetch, who may, served at the salad bar. Also typical Bavarian desserts are available, and Crepes.

Even in winter here is something going on, with mulled wine and hot dishes you can enjoy the rays of the winter sun.

Kleinhesselohe 3, 80802 Munich Restaurant opening times: 12-1 Uhr, Bavarian parlor: 12-1 Uhr,Clockag: 10-1 Open all year round clock

Still a nice beer garden right in the northern part of the English Garden. Wanderer, Radlfahrer trippers and be well fed, The beer garden has space for about. 2500 People. Since it can be in good weather ever quite closely. Good mood here, however, on the agenda, nice and easy self-service personnel make the Hirschau so popular. Children will enjoy the great adventure playground, on some days even a jazz band plays on.

Gyßlingstraße 15, 80805 Munich daily opening times 10-24 Uhr (Restaurant 10-22 Uhr)

In the north of Munich's English Garden is located in the Aumeister a very popular beer garden, in which one finds most of the locals. Its proximity to the famous university town also attracts many students in the summer months bring with her snack. Sold here are typical Bavarian specialties like fresh-caught mackerel, Chicken and pork, also sweet delicacies are on the map.

Who wants to get his food does not even, may have to operate on the terrace of the restaurant "Zum Aumeister" by service personnel.

Bikers and hikers enjoy here on a cool drink and a tasty snack after a tour through the English Garden.

This beer garden boasts a prime location and reasonable prices. Also a large children's playground.

Sondermeierstraße 1, 80939 Munich opening times daily from May to late September 11-23 Uhr, after the Oktoberfest (4. October), November up to and including. April-Monday and closed on Fridays, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11.00 bis 23.00 Uhr, Sunday 11.00 bis 1Clock Uhr
December – no rest day every day of 11.00 to 23.00 Clock

A popular destination for cyclists and hikers, the forest industry to the slopes in Isar Grosshesselohe. Here, since the 15. Century beer served, This tradition should be preserved, of course,. The menu of the so-called "WaWi" for example, attracts with succulent spare ribs, ample snacks and fresh salads. The great hunger or the desire for sweets can be satisfied here.

As a "jazz beer garden" in the forest industry is continuing to honor all, the band game plan should be studied, wants to enjoy his food with music.

Georg-Kalb-Strasse 3, 82042 Munich daily opening times 10:30 – 22 Clock

The farm with the beautiful beer garden chef Volker Naumann provides delicious food in a friendly atmosphere. The elegant kitchen includes dishes like beef tenderloin with truffle puree or dandelion salad.

The beer garden features Bavarian specialties such as grilled sausages, Grilled BBQ Buchholz, Mackerel, or simply "a snack gscheide!“.

For a sweet tooth or afternoon break we are delicious homemade strudel and pancakes.

Children feel especially at home here, as in the beer garden a giant pirate ship to climb and play invites.

Menterschwaigstraße 4, 81545 Munich daily opening times 11-24 Clock

This beer garden is so famous, that now even a section Isar is named after him. The Tavern, the originally 1870 Johann Flaucher opened, was formerly a private residence and Wittelsbach hunting has become a hot tip on Munich residents. Here you sit in the south river Isar very nice and cozy, away from the bustle of the city. Children will find plenty of room to play so that the visit was designed for adults and children alike a relaxing.

The menu is full of delicious specialties such as the "world famous" spare ribs and other Bavarian delicacies. Often, even a brass band to meet, the music strikes up with Bavarian. A look at the events calendar is also worth.

Isarauen 8, 81379 Munich opening times throughout the year (and beer garden in fine weather!) Fr-So

Here beats the heart of beer - Paulaner beer, of course,. This will also experimented, turn out so delicious specialties such as beer stew, Beer, beer or vinegar jam.

First, of course, known as the brewery, there are also a very nice beer garden, in which they served in fine weather or enjoy self-service places the sun and good food.

To mention in any case and certainly very nice for tourists here is for the Monday breakfast 12,90 with plenty of Bavarian specialties.

The newly introduced "Mittagsschnitzelei" with steak dishes for each 6,10 enjoys great popularity.

On a tour of the brewery Paulaner Brauhaus, interested parties can learn about the art of brewing.

Kapuzinerplatz 5, 80337 Munich Restaurant opening times Daily 10-1 Uhr, Beer garden daily 10-22 Uhr. Hot meals to 24 Uhr. Clock

Particularly well known to the beautiful beer garden at Nockherberg Giesing by the lantern festival in the summer. 6 Time he was already voted by the readers of the Munich newspaper's most beautiful beer garden in Munich, making this award, all honor.

Here, under the historic "gazebo", a sort of wooden pavilion, or eaten in the open air and a cool delicious Paulaner be enjoyed. Classics such as chicken are served, Pretzel with Bavarian cheese or noodles.

A large children's playground complements the feel-good factor for the kids, Many cyclists and cyclists parking charge much for a rest.

For special events, the large Paulaner banquet hall for hire.

High Street 77, 81541 Munich opening times Mon-Sun 10-1 Clock

On Stiglmaierplatz here's the famous Lowenbrau, draft beer on tap and professionally.

The popular inn with a beer garden offers plenty of room for all sorts of events and celebrations.

The newly designed beer garden is worth a visit, here are now serving on the newly created service terrace, guests with food and drink, down in the beer garden can be found in the "street treats" with beer, Pretzels, Bavarian cheese and other spices provide.

The beer garden is one of the most popular in the city, the long waiting times and banks must adjust to the full.

Nymphenburgerstraße 2, 80335 Munich, Opening times per day 10-24 Clock

Here is the famous Hacker Pschorr-brewed beer, The brewery sits directly above the Theresienhöhe, visitors to have time you can look down from here, the wonderful Oktoberfest and watch the hustle and bustle.

In the brewery is fed between the copper brewing kettles in a rustic atmosphere, if desired, You can also participate in a brewery tour.

Pasta and pizza lovers can show in the attached "Trattoria Bireirra" in Tuscan flair giant pizzas themselves, which are then directly baked in a stone oven.

Anyone who prefers to sit outside in the beautiful and spacious beer garden, has 2000 Self-service courses

for selecting, on the terrace is one the food brought to the table.

Served is largely down to earth, Bavarian fare, but also tasty salads.

Theresienhöhe 7, 80339 Munich daily opening times 10-1 Clock

The Royal Deer Park was 1784 open, previously there had been grown hops. In it, a two-acre enclosure with deer is, previously been chased here by Adel also. When you walk through the garden or walking is great deer, You can stop off at the restaurant with beer garden very nice.

Here is Some offered, On Saturdays there is a big brunch, to several times per month, the so-called "culinary journey", when fed extensively at a fixed price buffet of topics can. For example, fish are even more, Pasta, Steak-day, Gans- duck and suckling pig buffet or.

The actual menu offers a variety of delicious dishes.

For lovers of crime takes place in Deer Park on a regular basis sacral series of dinners held Crime.

With children you can eat very well, The large beer garden is located on the same game park and there is plenty of room to play on the playground with water play area.

The visit to the unique deer garden should not be missed.

Hirschgarten 1, 80639 Munich Restaurant opening times: 9-24 Uhr, Beer garden 11-24 Uhr (max. to 1:00 Clock)

In the middle of the city of East Park as a small green oasis. The restaurant and beer garden is located on Michaeligarten small lake and has room for many possibilities, whether in the beer garden, on the sunny terrace or in the little gazebo in the sun or in the pine in the rain. Here, Weddings, Birthdays or corporate events are held. The calendar of events you can find regular specials, such as. the business lunch or a romantic Valentine's Day Offer.

Quite reasonable prices and tasty, selected card invite to rest and relax.

Feichtstraße 10, 81735 Munich, Opening times: daily 10:30-22:30

In Munich stands a Hofbräuhaus - that actually knows almost every. The one in the beer garden and Hofbräukeller excellent and surprisingly inexpensive meal and drink can, should be mentioned here yet again.

The course is Hofbräukeller point number 1 for tourists from all over the world - those who prefer a little quieter, should perhaps resort to a smaller local.

The large beer garden is shaded by ancient chestnut, here you can rest in the middle of town and watch the fray.

Served is of course the famous Hofbräuhaus beer for only 3.65 € for half a liter. The menu can be really nothing to be desired, Everyone will find something. Also, extra meals for the kids find themselves on the map.

The Hofbräukeller always offers great special events, such as. Schnitzel- oder Rippchenspecials an. Can also have breakfast this is good.

The children are specially designed and professionally supervised children's country of 12-20 Clock in good hands.

The Hofbrauhaus is always worth a visit, whether or not Munich.

Innere Wiener Straße 19, 81667 Munich opening times Mon-Sun 10-24 Clock.

Perfect for students - this little, but nice beer garden is located in the university, tucked away in a side street and is a real find in the Maxvorstadt.

There is even the possibility, at a special table for about. 20 People at the mini-beer-tavern to be bright even tap. Perfect for birthdays or other celebrations.

The menu is delicious in salads and snacks on toast offered to large meat dishes.

The prices are largely student-friendly, but also is more expensive.

Adalbertstraße 33, 80799 Munich daily opening times. April-Oktober: 11-1 Clock

November to March 17-1 Uhr. Beer garden to 23 Clock (April bis October)

Somewhat hidden this little inn is a beer garden on Biederstein in Altschwabing, the English Garden.

In the courtyard is covered by chestnut Lowenbrau and Franziskaner beer served, a snack can of course, as in any true beer garden, bring your own.

But the food offered there are worthwhile. Real homemade Bavarian fare at reasonable prices, it tastes really good. Even in health-conscious people here with plenty of salads, Vegetable dishes and even fish intended.

In rainy weather you can eat in room or hall. The premises may also for ceremonies, such as weddings, be booked.

After a bike ride through the English garden here may well be rested!

Biedersteiner road 78, 80802, Munich opening times Mon-Sun 11-24 Clock

Superbly located in the countryside exudes the charm of the Kugler Alm urbayrischen beer garden. This was, Landlords say the, the cyclist's invented, and of course is served here also washable.

In Kugler Alm you meet primarily local, "their" Alm know especially appreciate. Even the food you will not be disappointed - no overpriced chicken or sausages of dubious quality, as offered in some tourist trap, but Bavarian specialties and Mediterranean cuisine at its finest.

Specials, like a wild week or weeks shrimp are also available.

Even in rainy weather can be around, Then you can sit comfortably in the parlor fireplace or the Great Hall.

Families with children are in good hands, while the parents when a round of cycling ratchet, the kids can let off steam in the playground.

Linienstraße 93, 82041 Oberhaching, Opening times Tues-Sun 10:30-22:30, Closed on Mondays