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Landsberger Straße 185
D-80687 Munich

Every Friday and Saturday it means for you in the night gallery: BACK TO FUTURE!! We have reactivated the good old days are back with an affordable price - with our drink prices are wrong, it will now play only a gas. Full Throttle! And so it goes in the future. Beer from 1 Euro, Shots ab 0,50 Cents and drinks for Long 1,50 Euros ... and that only the finest and of course everything in three areas. Party with sound and current chart hits in the Hall, and complete house and electro clubbing in our room, we sensational price concept, of course, always with the hottest beats. Back to our former beverage prices, back to the parties of yesteryear, Back to the Future - into the night gallery! Get on the time machine again and only, If you're ready for it!

Hall – Back to the Future Fridays

Hall & Club – Back to the Future on Saturday

Beginning: 22.30 Clock – Admission: 10 Euro / with student ID 8 Euro Euro combinable with other promotions)

Summer, Sun and tequila is this year's motto of our summer festival. We heat with you one of our Coyote Ugly show and a salsa- Special. And as befits a real hard one summer course we heat the grill for free for up fiery Southwestern Burger 0.00 Clock!

MEXICAN FIESTA Nachtgalerie Sommerfest

22.30 h - Entrance: 10,00 EUR (VVK: 9,00 EUR)

Drinks from 0,50 EUR

The Night Gallery is presenting a night with the old Apartment11- DJ- Crew! Like in the good old times at the turn tables: Stephan Amount, S.F. & A.M., Alex Sasse, Tune Temptation uvm.

Night Gallery Hall - Back to the Future!

Nachtgalerie Club - Apartment11, 02. July 2011

Drinks from 0,50 EUR

The cult party for all Hawaiian shirt carrier and cocktail lover is back in town. Why travel far away, the summer is so near! Indulge in a delicious BBQ and fresh fruit buffet for free to 1.00 Clock, try up on the surf- Simulator or just relax at the night gallery- Beach.

Location: Nachtgalerie
Inlet: 22.30h - Entrance: 10,00 EUR