“Is blood really thicker than water?”

This is the central question of the Dine & Crime-production “Deadly Family Ties” Werner R. Gawlik.

A colorful combination of a calculating woman entrepreneur and millionaire heiress and her husband, do a poor man in midlife crisis, a crazy arms dealers and finally to easily nymphomaniac Korsin bring the audience in the evening going.
Coincidentally meet on a normal evening, two people in a bar and notice, that they were both betrayed by their spouses. The two spouses, however, are not at all unknown to and flirt while unmoved in a tapas bar not far away.
During the evening will Secrets Revealed, Also, the dealer and the Corsican nymphomaniac get her performance. The motley combination of seemingly random people together geratenen entangled more and more in their own mystery and intrigue – a murder seems inevitable. Then the big surprise…

The concept has proven to be the murder mystery dinner. An exclusive multi-course meal served along with a tricky murder case? It sounds, in fact, after a great evening of entertainment. The company Dine & Crime has written the thriller fun at the top of the flag and provides over Germany in an entertaining murder mystery dinner.

Viewers will naturally demand throughout the piece and must properly mitraten. An entertaining great fun, not only for amateur sleuths.

Events in December:
3.12. in Aumeister, 8.12. in Leiberheim, 12.12. in the Kugler Alm, 17.12. in Aumeister, 27.12. in the Kugler Alm, I 19:30