The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, the fantastic story about the boy Mowgli, who grows up in the jungle, was filmed and widely implemented acting. Most well known is probably the most successful adaptation of Disney.
At Christmas time, the German Theatre and the State Theatre will present the Gärtnerplatz together a wonderful implementation of the story as a musical for the whole family.

Shir Khan, Tiger several years ago snatched the baby Mowgli his parents. Mowgli raised by wolves are best friends now a black panther named Bagheera and Baloo the Bear cozy, which is always good for a laugh. Heller turmoil prevails, when the news spread in the jungle, that Shere Khan has returned and has it in for Mowgli.

With a Topbesetzung, among other things, takes the well-known from the musical AIDA Bettina monk on a snake Kaa, creates Joseph E. Köpplinger, the new director of the National Theatre, it, both small and large alike to inspire. When Mowgli, the young actor and singer Aaron Kelata see, Bagheera is played by Korbinian Arendt and the charming Balu by Andreas Goebel.
With Erwin Windegger has to Shir Khan for a great cast and matching found.

Köpplinger is not the issue Jungle Book entirely unfamiliar, already 1994 directed the substance of the Berlin Chamber of games and was praised. The film is directed by Frank Mann in Munich Alexandra.

Admission Prices and Dates

Of course, families come away particularly favorable:
Admission for such 2 Adult + 1 Children from € 38,10 or 1 Adult + 1 Children from € 23,80. There are also special performances in the afternoon and for schools, here the ticket costs € 10 per pupil.
Otherwise, the prices vary between 19 and 49 €, depending on the day and Category.

Term: 30.11.-22.12. and from 3.1.-13.1.2013

Tickets are available at the German Theatre.