The winter has actually arrived and again in Munich, fits to the Eiszauber opened Stachus on 23. November, damit man sich bei schönem Wetter auf dem Eis vergnügen kann.

To 12. Times already, you can whiz right in the center of Munich on skates to disco beats through the area, the largest mobile ice arena Bavaria bears her name in vain. Along with the Christmas market on the Marienplatz is therefore the perfect place, to spend a nice afternoon.

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The new club opens its doors in late November!

Munich finally needs a new club! The ancient temple dance known as slowly in and out, she has learned to love or avoid them rather.

The experienced restaurateurs experienced restaurateurs Boris Konopka and Edgar Grober and Mathias bushel, the co-founder of Kultfabrik have thus once again about something new. They are already responsible for the creation of the Club Max & Moritz, the 4004, dem M-Park, Indabahn the Nuremberg or the Planet Nuremberg. Now comes with “Jack Rabbit” the new highlight in the Bavarian capital.

Created was the Jackrabbit of the scene-designer Laura Rave, which has already been demonstrated in Berlin with the famous clubs cookies and Trust, that she knows anything about interior design. And for the companies Adidas and Bread & Butter she could already put their skills. About 1 Million euros were invested in the club, The project took several months.

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When alpine rock folk music elements are combined with those of rock music. Rhythm and instruments are of Bavarian folk music inspired, Spices up the whole rock still to tidy. The Alpine Rock got with Hubert von Goisern a new face. Before the masses relatively unknown and rather than “Folk music” wasted, showed Hubert von Goisern 2012 with “Brenna tuats guad”, how much these “Folk music” the German and Austrian broad audience arrives.

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Fans of the Far Eastern culture are aware of the otherness of Asian films and that's why they appreciate. When you are in the Asia Filmfest Munich Mathäser cinema 20 Movie, mainly from China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand show. These are modern productions, in Germany- and sometimes even world premiere will be shown.

The Chinese critic Ai Weiwei is certainly many people have heard of. It is also about the Chinese-American Documentation “Never Sorry”, which is shown as part of the Asia Film Festival. Visitors can also view the film “Pieta” the South Korean Kim Ki-Duk.
Naturally there is also Kung Fu Action, Faust Kampf found an Mass in “Tai Chi 0” instead of. The Japanese film “Rurouni Kenshin”, a real adaptation of a very famous manga set in the samurai period, Japan is currently in the audience favorite and certainly a possibility, Japanese culture to get closer. Fans of splatter films to come “Zombie Ass – Toilet of the Dead” their money.

Saturday, 3. Nov.
15 Uhr My way
18 Uhr The taste of money
20.15 Uhr Flying swords of dragon gate 3D
23.30 Clock Underwater love – a pink musical

Sunday, 4. Nov.
13.30 Clock Ai Wei Wei – Never sorry
15.30 Clock Reign as assasins
18 Clock Snow Child (with guests)
20.30 Clock Rurouni Kenshin
23.30 Clock Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead

Monday, 5. Nov.
17 Uhr A simple life
19.30 Uhr Thai Chi 0
22.15 Sadako Uhr 3 D

Tuesday, 6. Nov.
17 Clock Red Eagle
19.30 Clock Pieta
22.15 Uhr Flying swords of dragon gate 3D

Wednesday, 7. Nov.
17.30 Clock Snow Child
19.30 Clock Rurouni Kenshin
22.30 Clock Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead

Grönemeyer you can not “dislike”, like you have it easy! Auch wenn sich an seiner Musik die Geister scheiden: Fact is: Herbert Grönemeyer is a German musician of the most amazing, His fan base is huge. Reason for this is also his unique relationship with his fans and the audience for live concerts.

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Understandable for every visitor present scientists worldwide about their findings “Sustainability – Basis for our future”. Ideas and approaches to our environmental and global future will be here closer to interesting and descriptive.

See the old Congress Hall and the transportation center of the German Museum at Theresienhöhe total 40 Lectures and 4 Theme nights, are located in the foyer area 30 Market stalls and exhibitions on the theme of science. Decentralized see also lectures at various venues specially held for schools and teachers. Also for children is a well elaborated program for children offered, Thus, here is each addressed.

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After Maidult and Jakobidult lures again now the Kirchweihdult many visitors young and old to the Mariahilfplatz in the Au. About 90.000 Visitors were counted at the Sommerdult, this number is certainly in the fall reached again, if not even surpassed.
The organizers of the Auer Dult place a very high value on family and therefore is something for everyone on offer.

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Every year about open 100 Museums, Exhibitions, Collections and galleries and churches of 19:00 – 02:00 at night its doors to art lovers, Night owls and Adventurers.

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Since the year 1990 is the Day of German Unity 3. October celebrated. The great celebration of the Unification take place during the City, during that year chairing the Federal – So this year, Munich. In addition to the approximately 1200 offiziellen Gästen sind auch Bürgerdelegationen und Verfassungsorgane aus ganz Deutschland eingeladen. Es gibt also einen großen Festakt und Aktionen für alle Münchnerinnen und Münchner. A rich blend of dignified celebration and exuberant celebrations. After all, should the Germans of “her” Day also have something.
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The Department of Health and Environment organized once a year, the night of the environment, when there is much good stuff to see in Munich and experience. Places, which are not otherwise accessible to be opened for the citizens of Munich.

For the eleventh year will be held the night, 50 Events are exploring, more than in previous years. Many events are free, if the program point, no fee is specified. This is then to perform at the venue. Some of the events require pre-registration, the most popular are usually sold out very quickly.

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2009 it was the last time in Munich. A very long time, find many fans of the pop star. So Pink is surprising for a concert in the Circus Krone in Munich. In the airplay charts is her current hit “Blow Me” already high, it has there to 13. Time it to the top. The new album “The Truth About Love” appears on 14.9.2012, the very day, where it is in the Circus Krone present a live album launch.

For fans a unique opportunity, for who knows, when is the next time you grace us with their appearance? Who gets no more cards, can try it here: Beim iTunes Festival in London am 13.9.2012 it is also shown with a live performance.

Tickets are limited and can directly at the Circus Krone Building or via the ticket hotline from Munich ticket by phone 089 / 54818181 be purchased. To prevent black market sales, tickets are only personalized and are per person only 2 Units sold. The ticket costs € 50 plus fees.



This year it is between the Maximilians- Ludwig and colorful bridge again! The Isar Island Festival attracts visitors with fun, Action, Music, Culture and of course lots of summer feeling in Munich Lieblingsfluß. This program is offered on several stages.
Since the Isar Bridge Festival to 850 Munich's annual celebration has become firmly established as the hard Isar Island Festival. Also earlier served as a promenade along the Isar, This is to be revived with the Isar Island Festival. Similar to the Danube Bridge Festival in Vienna to Munich and Munich a free fun- and may enjoy cultural program. For all ages and interests will be program offered. It emphasized the organizers, that the Isar Island Festival is purely a non-profit and for-profit orientation has no.

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Summer in Munich, it is hot and humid, However, no vacation in sight?

Fortunately, Munich and its surroundings is known for the high recreational value. In many places you can find here on the weekend or after work or relaxation and rest. Depending on, where you live, Much can be reached by bike, and must not be in the stifling subway set and also miss the rush hour traffic.

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The Jakobidult lures until 5. August many visitors to the Au. The traditional Dult, once in the spring, will be held once in summer and autumn provides opportunities for all ages and interests. For May Dult were already on 100.000 Visitors to the Mariahilfplatz.

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On 21.7.2012 the Olympic Park is a spectacular fireworks show. It is celebrated, among other things, the 40-year existence of the large park, since their construction for the Olympic Games 1972 the whole of Munich as a location for recreation and for concerts and events is available.

The game is accompanied with fireworks musical acts of superlatives. This year can be heard as the opening act at the stadium, the Germany-wide famous band Culcha Candela. These make a good mood with their hip-hop and dancehall songs right mood first, before then give the Spider Murphy Gang for the first time in history, a concert at the Olympic stadium is.

Anyone who even otherwise “ask around” would like, place on the floating stage, the brass band “Bürgermeista & the local councils”, the care with peppigem AlpenRock for Bavarian homeland mood. Thereafter, from the rockabilly band “The Baseballs” something other, but nonetheless good, Tones struck. Many of the songs “Baseballs” are known to cover, inviting you to sing along and dance. In the German album charts, the group is on a fabulous 5. Place listed.

The absolute spectacle is of course then the fireworks, in that beautiful night from the rooftops of Munich can be observed. The background music is missing then it unfortunately.

An event, that one should not miss! About 50.000 Visitors and 4 Tons of pyrotechnics speak their own language.

Saturday, 21.7.2012, the Olympic Park. Tickets are available from 14 €.

The classic square is at the Odeon in Munich every year anticipated event. On fine summer evenings can be enjoyed on the Odeonsplatz a wonderful open-air classical music. Since 12 Years, the classic event will be held for two days at the Odeon Square, attracting not only brought classical music lovers. Up to visitors counted annually, Rising.

The premiere event of the year 2000, time at a concert meant the Franco-German reconciliation. The fact that the concert would develop such a hit with the public, At that time probably thought no one yet.

This year will, among other things Gabetta, Kristine Opolais and Erwin Schrott in.

7.7.2012: on the first day the Munich Philharmonics to listen with their Slovak director Juraj Valcuha with the cello soloist Sol Gabetta. They will play famous pieces from the Slavic-Russian classics, have achieved world notoriety. Smetana's overture to “The Bartered Bride”, Dvorak Concerto for Cello and Orchestra and Mussorgsky “Pictures at an Exhibition” invite you on a musical journey to Eastern Europe.

8.7.2012: Here, the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra played under the baton of Andris Nelsons. The soloists are this time of world-renowned bass-baritone Erwin Schrott and the Latvian soprano Kristine Opolais loaded. Under the motto of the “Italian night” it revels in marvelous duets full of vocal excellence. Among other works are interpreted by Puccini, Verdi, Respighi and Mascagni.

When? 7. and 8.7.2012
Where? Odeonsplatz, Open Air
Tickets are available at München Ticket and all usual outlets

Similar to the Schäfflertanz, the traditionally every year is re-enacted, so is the Brewers' Viktualienmarkt an ongoing tradition since the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages had their own feast day each guild, The brewers have this, at least here in Munich, today in honor gehalten.Die famous beer town of Germany celebrates her so breweries and their delicious recipes.

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The Toll Wood is an institution in Munich, Twice a year it attracts thousands of visitors to the Theresienwiese, The tourists usually only know from the Oktoberfest. But the Toll Wood is definitely worth a visit. It serves culinary delights, fine craftsmanship and top-class concerts. While the winter Tollwood rather visited the tents, in summer you can sit outside at last Tollwood, welcoming drink and watch the people strolling. Among this year's theme “A New Look” you can already imagine Some.

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“Casual Wednesday” in the 089 Bar is a weekly event in forming one of the hottest party spots in Munich is ever. For the 089 Bar, which is at the heart of Munich is Maximiliansplatz, popular with many Munich residents and people from surrounding towns and villages a huge popularity. This is due to many reasons, you. a. on the nice location and the low entry- and drink prices, of which one in particular at the event “Casual Wednesday” benefits.

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Extensive sauna area in the spa

Relax and feel good again around, which is in the Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel no problem. Locally, however, not only the adults, but the children can enjoy. Thus, there is no problem, to do something good for yourself, während der Nachwuchs seinerseits ebenfalls den diversen Wellnessanwendungen frönt.

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