The night of the environment in Munich offers a unique opportunity, To gain insight into many different places. The zoo opens its doors exclusively for night tours, the Munich underground can be visited, yes even shows a crematorium, The procedure is as there.

Not only exciting, there will be, also many informative guided tours and lectures are offered. Show the BMW plants, as sustainably produced and utilized, many posts about solar technology point the way to a better and greener future. The best thing about the whole thing: Many of the events are offered free of charge, a few require registration or require a small fee.
Certainly a very interesting thing, is taken as particularly, find that both adults and children a wide range of events. We provide our favorites before:

Tour of the Munich Crematorium:
Knapp 10.000 Cremations are performed here annually. This course has a strong balance between the dignity of the human, as well as environmental friendliness are met. An interesting and exciting tour, which also questions to be answered about funeral.

A look at daily – Tunnel on the middle ring Southwest
Lead one of the largest construction sites and infrastructural measure Munich. In a lecture additionally planning projects and construction of the planned tunnel are explained.

Bat management
They live in the dark – of us humans sometimes unnoticed. At an evening stroll through the English Garden, the small night-fighters can be equipped with a radar tracked and monitored.

City tour with drama
Actresses and actors in period costumes lead through the evening Munich. The repertoire: Of executioners, Whores and witches – exciting, outrageous and funny stories of the medieval Munich.