City Foundation Festival Munich, 15 and 16.6.2013
Munich 855 Years old! For this auspicious occasion, the city of course it can not take, host a big party for all residents. On 15. and 16. June, there's some on the Marienplatz, with music, Dance, Ideas and many stalls around Munich Munich are all cordially invited, celebrate the milestone birthday.

The Marienplatz in Munich will be hub, starting from there find the events in the surrounding streets and squares instead. The big stage, to that of 10-23 Clock program is made, mainly offers musical highlights. For every taste should be something. So it goes too cozy and relaxing with trip hop, with big bands and orchestras can be properly mitgeswingt, also in Bavaria beloved folk music is particularly on Sunday does not fall short. Here both traditional ways to play, the modern version of “VolXmusik” shows, that this kind of music is not of yesterday.
We Also of course there are folk dance performances.

The Odeon site is meant for the craft. All kinds of crafts here show their skills, Interested should watch, ask and maybe even create even lend a hand. Fits to the Munich celebrates its Cabinetmakers' Guild 125 Birthday and organized to meet on Sunday 18 Clock nailing a price. Technically interested young people, are still looking for an apprenticeship, can check here and already make initial contacts.
Around the costume is what the Rose Street, the “Green Island”, an Irish oasis built by members of the Irish-German Circle of Friends offers at the cattle market Irish beer, Irish mood music and of course insane amount of green.

Also has alot to offer for families, Here finally is no Munich, matter, whether small or large, be neglected.

Saturday, 15.6. and Sunday, 16.6., each of 10 to 23 Clock. The starting point is the Marienplatz.