Actually Munich has everything, so what you want from a city – greenery in the city, closeness to nature, the mountains…but a beautiful beach, as found for example in Hamburg or Berlin, One looks a little longer.
The better, that there is a beach culture Munich! Hier finden Sand Zealot everyone, what they want, directly on the Isar with musical framework program – perfect, at times really unbend in summer. And anyone who thinks it long enough, can even hear the sound of the sea…

52 Tons of sand are heaped up specifically for the beach culture on the Isar, the area around the bridge Cornelius is thus a magnet for all Entspannungswütigen, Event- and party lovers. Last year, the restoration of the Isar River was completed at the same location, of course that is definitely worth a look.

The program starts at 12 Clock at night and goes up to 23 Clock. For all Munich there is anything in the program, that invites you to Come, definite highlight is of course the Uefa Champions League final on 25 Never, transmitted here on the big screen for public viewing.
Whether readings, Concerts, Films or lectures, The program is incredibly versatile and self-, just when nothing takes place, just does it well, To insert the bare toes in the sand. Incidentally, there is also a 112 Meter-long beanbag, who wants to be tested.

Children come from a wide range of children's programs their money – Whining and nagging are here so misplaced. to find daily information about the program, in bad weather there is a notification, whether the application take place, or.