The flea market season in Munich actually never heard of, throughout the year there are opportunities for bargain hunters and antique lovers to make good business.
But when it finally is again beautiful morning and the sun is in the sky from early, then browse only really makes outdoor fun. In addition to the large flea market on the Theresienwiese, takes place in the context of the Spring Festival, There are of course several other ways, to buy and sell and to make lots of fun.

One of these is the flea market experience in Riem. He is one of the largest flea markets in Germany, in Bavaria, he can call himself rightly largest open space in the flea market across the state.
From 6 Clock in the morning until 16 Clock in the afternoon haggling and traded here, like mad. Of course it is worth it, get up early, if you want to make special deals. Even those who come just before the end, again has the opportunity, to buy nice things for very little money, because the seller would of course take as little as possible back home.
Traded is here with all kinds of goods, Antiques, Second-hand clothes, CD’s, Books, Musical Instruments and much more, you can buy.

Wer all that about. 1000 Want to look at objects, between the needs of course to strengthen. This takeaways and beverage carts are available – nobody has to go hungry or thirsty here. A bouncy castle provides entertainment for the little ones, so can stroll and see mom and dad undisturbed.

Term: Almost every Saturday, (All dates are available on the official site of the flea market), Fairgrounds 1 in Riem. Beginning 6 Clock, End 16 Clock