After a snowy winter and a very rainy spring, now we of course hope all Munich on more sunny days. And what better, to enjoy the sun on the traditional spring festival at the Theresienwiese?

The “small variant” the Oktoberfest enjoys unalloyed popularity and attracts every year thousands of people from around Munich to downtown. Large as well as small find the ideal pastime for day.

Performances begin on 19. April um 14:30 with a colorful program of festivities, followed by a procession. In the words “Ozapft is'”, can then also each drink a delicious spring beer, at the same time take the rides on their operation.

About 100 Carnies offer several attractions and rides. From roller coasters like the well-known “Wild Mouse” about haunted houses or even rapid Karusselfahrten for everyone should be something. Absence should not block the small stalls, where you shoot, Rifle or throwing lots may attract.
The best thing about the whole thing: Apply to the two days of family 11-19 Clock cheaper prices and there are many special promotions.

Food & Drink
Two large tents are equipped, All visitors of the Spring Festival to be supplied with ample food and drink. Augustiner beer is there in the Festhalle Bayerland, in the Hippodrome tent is traditionally served spade, the “Spring Beer Light”. In good weather you can sit in the garden of Paulaner Weissbier. Afternoon time for invite 3 Cafes to coffee and cake.
In addition to the hearty dishes, there are also numerous confectionery items, satisfy all the desires of visitors.