Here we go again – The Munich Crime Festival “Criminal”, incidentally, the largest Crime Festival mentioned in Germany and one of the largest international standards, starts on 9. March.

To 10 anniversary of the iconic events are expecting guests from around the world, many well-known mystery authors have the honor of presenting their works in readings and other exciting events.
With it this year, is the most prominent forensic pathologist in Germany, Michael Tsokos, the reported cases of true and yet incredible, The German crime writer Sabine Tiesler, that her new book “Unconscious” presents, sowie Comedy-Star Thomas Herrmanns.
Even with the Bayern Detectives became known author Jörg Maurer's game with the.
The famous scene from the series makes its debut actress Andrea Sawatzki “A too-good girl” before, we are curious!

Also come from abroad, the most famous authors, This year's U.S. Shooting Star Sara Gran here. Particularly exciting is certainly also the “CSI Realitycheck”. Here is the famous and popular U.S. crime series CSI by renowned forensic pathologist Prof. Dr. Mark Rothschild and the homicide detective Josef Wilfling tested their paces.

Hence the place of reading already pay showers, Some readings are held in particularly exciting places. This includes the auditorium section of the LMU Munich, the pathology of the LMU and the prison Stadelheim.

Cards are in great demand here, the readings of the most famous and popular authors are fully booked. Who wants to be so enthusiastic in an exciting reading, should secure cards quickly.
Which are available at all usual outlets or via München Ticket.