The Circus Krone performs in Munich. World famous and popular he is from 1 March, the third part of the winter program before. The motto “Krone is'” forebodes, that it will pass this time pretty Bavarian.

Of the children especially loved the 6 little white lion, the jr in dressage school of Martin Lacey. romp. Barely a year old they are, But that does them in fun romping and scuffling not detract. Martin Lacey jr. are indeed his best, of them even make decent circus lions, but for now the cubs seem rather more interested in other things. The little learning is just funny to watch and is great fun.

In a real circus clown may not be missing. The two Italians Fumagalli and Daris try with their “FumaBuam” in leather pants on the number “Bees Bees give me honey!” and has set itself the goal, the risible muscles of the spectator to train properly.

Heraldic beasts of the Circus Krone is the elephant, six in number they walk gracefully around the ring and put the audience in awe and admiration.
Weitere Highlights sind unter anderem “Flying Zuniga” Brazil and Argentina. As soon, as they turn their somersaults through the air, one can look barely. The triple somersault was awarded the Circus Festival of Monte Carlo even with the Bronze Clown.

Who still want more circus, the circus visited the zoo, consider where you not only the animals, but the circus and its artists can also look behind the scenes. On Sundays- and holidays, it is of 10-18 Clock open. Guided tours are available 5 People possible and take about 1 Hour.