The variety theater shows are unique. Here unite music, Body Art and most recently, to a fantastic light show, be addressed in all senses of the audience.

At the world premiere of this fabulous show unite known and award-winning artists display their different art forms together into a great variety performance. Jenny Garcia's two-time German champion in rhythmic gymnastics and it's a breathtaking singing – in vaudeville, she presents songs from their debut album “Lifebathing” not quite normal on stage, but the free-hanging air ring. She works with Santé Fortunato, a hula hoop artist. Ernest Palchyow has been one of the best of his profession – the acrobatics, also known as handstand acrobatics. The artists of the younger group “Crazy Flight juniors” acrobatics show in its finest form, Tom Noddy shows his bubble art, that this is just a fun pastime for children not.

For Lachmuskel activity provides Mr. Riesling, of all forms of acrobatics seems to dominate, and with his talent should komädiantischen everyone laugh.

The show runs in Munich until 6. January 2013. Prices and information are available on