In Munich in the summer there are many great opportunities, to look at movies when the weather outside. The open-air cinema in the Olympic Park is one of them. On the open space before the Olympic swimming center is the beautiful open-air cinema at the Olympic and directly with the public and even private cars easily accessible. Disabled wheelchair accessibility, and it is through their own toilets for the disabled.

On the big screen, you can see for yourself from further back very well, from this year, even movies shown in 3D, The glasses can be purchased for it for 2 € at the box office. In comfortable lounge chairs you can watch the movie, “Love-Seats” guarantee beautiful cuddly moments together. Who does not want to rent deck chair, it can make themselves comfortable with their own blanket or mattress in the lying area. The deck chairs or Love Seats must be booked in advance with place cards, in the lying area is free seating. It is advantageous here, however, an early appearance, if you want to get a good seat. Who it is too cold in the evening, which can be rented at the rental ceiling for a deposit and a cuddly blanket. Own chairs are not allowed in fire protection reasons.

For the worst case, the cinema is also equipped with covered seats and umbrellas, because the performances will take place in any weather.

Meals: Since 2012 there is a beer garden, where you can eat tasty and well equipped with snacks and drinks. Own drinks, particularly glass bottles or other breakable container, may not be brought.

The movie begins at the summer 21.5 and is expected to end in September

Inlet and beer garden open daily from 19:00.
The box office opens daily at 19:00.
Movie Showtimes: daily at 21:15.

All movies and tickets can be found at