The ball season continues – the “Schwabing Film Ball”, in the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof is celebrated, is a hip event in Munich. The Schwabing films Ball hosted by Partytaenzer with the Moosacher Carnival Club and Business Club Munich Diamonds. There, Where else can just hover over the floor when celebrities Filmball everyone and wife as Princess and Prince turn his rounds. Since both the location and the motto radiate pure elegance, it is logical, that the dress code is to adapt this. For women this is finally a wonderful opportunity in gorgeous evening dress to appear, a little black dress is possible. Men should wear a tuxedo at least.

The right music makes naturally along with the magnificent guests a unique setting. Here is something for everyone and every. The current charts and well-known evergreens are the “Sunset Showband” live intoniert,”Disco Coco” with DJ Robert skillfully put on the plates. In between, there is a great show program to marvel at, which is already known from other balls of the organizers and has come to appreciate.

Singles are especially welcome at the ball – has to happen eventually an opportunity with single table to meet new people and to find partner. Und da man sich beim Tanzen besonders ungezwungen näher kommen kann kann man hier flirten, like mad.

Instead, the ball will be on Wednesday, the 16. Never 2012 a 20:00. Since Thursday is a public holiday, So you can extensively dance until the early hours, like mad.

Who in this event is still looking for a hotel, a low Ferienwohnung München found at Bell Mundo.

Tickets are priced at