Thriller Live – The world-famous original show from London is finally in Munich as a guest. For all fans of the King of Pop's unforgettable.

The show began even before the death of the superstar, 2006 in the West End. Since then, it delights people of all nations, more than 1000 Ideas have been played. Michael Jackson even saw the live performance of the artist at the World Music Awards in London and was thrilled. This praise of course pushed the creativity of the performers, It was working so hard, like never before.
About 40 Years of Jackson's career in the show are processed music and dance, also the original choreographer of Jackson hits “Dangerous”, LaVelle Smith Jr., assisted in the preparation of the dance show. So there's Michael Jackson Dance original style to perfection.
The Munich newspaper finds, that this tribute to Michael Jackson surpasses anything, a “much better memory of the entertainer as all imitators in the world” ever could have.
Dates from 28.2.2012 at the Deutsches Theater in Fröttmaning. Tickets are available at